Time is Money Program

Summer 2021 COVID 19 Update: We currently remain on an “appointment only system” due to the pandemic. We do not currently host open shop hours or Time is Money for the safety of our volunteers. To make an appointment to access a low cost bicycle or help with a repair, please send a message via our Facebook page to reserve your spot. Click Here!

Time is Money Program participants and their new bicycles.

One of our key community initiatives at The Delta Bike Project is the *Time is Money* Program, which helps provide a bicycle or bicycle parts through through volunteering and “sweat equity.” To date, we have recycled over 700 bicycles into the Mobile community through this Program!

Program Details
The Time is Money program is reserved for Mobile’s community in need and is only available during our Sunday hours from 12-5pm. The program is first come/first served, and limited to the number of available bikes donations on hand each Sunday. We recommend arriving early if you are interested in participating, as a line does form before we open! We often have people waiting as early as 7am to secure a spot for that Sunday’s program.

Participants first meet with DBP staff to determine their bicycle needs. They receive $10 worth of “bike credit” towards their bike goal for every hour they work, meaning that they ride away with the bike that same day (each used bike has ~$50 value). Occasionally, bike parts are needed and participants can work towards those as well. Types of volunteer work include cleaning our neighborhood of trash, cleaning the shop and donated bikes, removing parts from bikes, sorting parts, etc. You do not need any prior knowledge of bikes maintenance to participate in this program!

We truly love this program and how it makes a difference in our community! Please contact us for more information.